rotating door handles?

Making a few maps for a Inside Group mod. I’ve been Instrucetd to make doors with handles that rotate.

I can get the hanndles on the door, but do not know how to get them to turn when I open the door.
Looked places and thought it easier to ask here.

Are you using the hl2 doors? If you are then use func_door_rotating.

using brush doors. And when I open the door i want the Handles that are attached to the door to turn. I know how to get doors to open. I want the handles/knobs to turn to at least 45 degrees

Perhaps a func_rotate or they themselves a func_door_rotating. Add in parenting and some outputs and you’re good.

They automatically do? Door knobs will turn when you open them.


If you’re using a brush-based door, propper it, or better yet; get a your very own custom door model. Then just make it work with prop_door_rotating. A lot more professional.