Rotating fans.

Is there any way to make a rotating fan such as the model-based ones used in Counter-Strike: Source (de_prodigy if I remember correctly) and Episode 2? I’ve tried to parent it to a rotating nodrawed brush, but failed because there was no “parent” option for a prop_static/physics, and I’ve tried using a phys_motor on a prop_physics fan model. However, the second one didn’t appear in-game. Any help?

Try parenting it to a func_physbox maybe?

Try prop_dynamic. prop_dynamic has Parent function.

I parented the prop_dynamic fan to a func_physbox that was powered by a phys_motor and it stuck my fan halfway in the ground. The fan was also static.

EDIT: I removed the func_physbox from the equation entirely and simply tried to use the phys_motor to move the fan. The fan appeared, but was totally static.

Parent the fan to a func_rotating.

Worked. Thank you.