Rotating object

well,i built today my first 2 pillars (they were pain in the ass to make) and i wanted to place a wall but it didn’t work because i needed to rotate it,and i asked how do you rotate the wall and they said “mouse wheel”,no my ******************* mouse wheel isn’t working,is there any way to rotate it except the ******************* mouse wheel ?
thanks alot.

Have you tried changing the key bindings?

How :open_mouth:

As far as i know, you cant.

If there isnt a secret /rebind command or something?!

Get a computer with Windows 7 and a real mouse.

There might even be a program that makes another button do the “scroll” instead of the actuall scroll wheel.

His OS has nothing to do with it. All he has to do is get a new mouse or fix his current one.

here’s an auto hotkey script that binds mouse up to Ctrl+Up and mouse down to Ctrl+Down



Thanks dude, Im still playing with an old mouse, these things with a ball in it, ya know ? =)

What am i suppose to do with it ?