Rotating Textures?

What would I put in a .vmt to make my texture rotate / spin constantly? Thanks in advance.


It’s best to clamp the thing though between 0 and 315

        "$basetexture" "models/props_c17/bladeblur"

        "$angle" 0.0
        "$translate" "[0.0 0.0]"
        "$center" "[-0.5 -0.5]"

                "rate" 45
                "initialValue" 0.0
                "resultVar" "$angle"

                "translateVar" "$translate"
                "rotateVar" "$angle"
                "centerVar" "$center"
                "resultVar" "$basetexturetransform"

I put that into my .vmt and now its spinning around some fixed point off of the prop.
I think it’s spinning using the top left corner at the center point