Rotation and movement Problems

Alright, so I have to problems that showed up about a week ago, and have been bugging me since, let’s call them Problem A, and Problem B. And just to start it off, I have NOT installed any new adons at all for over a month.

Problem A:
For about a week now, my ability to rotate props has deteriorated. When I pick up a prop with the phys gun and hold down the E key, I can only rotate the pitch of the object I’m holding, and nothing else. Also, when attempting to easy weld one object to the other, I am completely un-able to rotate it whatsoever. And another thing, when I’m placing a Vector Thruster, I can’t edit it’s orientation either.

Problem B:
This one started happening a few days ago, and can be solved temporarily by restarting my computer. What happens is when I enter no-clip, I go… Even if I’m not pressing any buttons, I fly in a straight line forward as if I am hlding the W key, and I can’t stop unless I exit no-clip.

These two problems have been really agrivating and make it a lot harder to do anything. Help would be greatly appreciated!


Oh yeah, I probably should have mentioned it’s in Garry’s Mod…

Problem A: ITS SUPPOSED TO DO THAT! Just dont hold down E when you are trying to do something. You have to un-freeze it in order to rotate it, hold down E when holding the physgun.
Problem B: You have sticky keys.

OH AND DUH! Of course you have garrysmod, or else it wouldn’t be here.
Can you give us a link to your steam account?

Problem A:
First off, I have had gmod for around three years, and I’m not an idiot. And I’m talking about just a single prop. while holding the props with the phys gun (so it isn’t frozen), I cannot rotate the prop while holding E, which is the button you use to rotate things… I have never used R to rotate things also

B: I guess that is a possibility

Heres a link that should work:


The R thing doesn’t work, I think you just have your controls mapped differently than I do…

Damn it. Go to options->keyboard->reset to defaults. Then try to rotate the prop.

I guess theres no harm in trying that

didn’t work

Does anyone else have any ideas?

Go to steam/steamapps/username and rename garrysmod folder to garrysmodold
Now restart your fresh install of gmod and see if your problems are fixed.