Black and white version.

very good

while the first pic looks really good overall, the second one is absolutely gorgeous.

theyre both perfect but yes that 2nd one is pure sex

this is the closest i’ll get to heaven

Superb work, by the way where did you get them sandbags and shack(?) in the first picture.

what the heck you didn’t tell me there was a bonus pic

im feeling ripped off

Guys, we’re forgetting the problems with the pics…
wtf am I talking about they’re all amazing!

I very much like the second one, but in the first one I feel like the picture could be split in two. The guy on the right with the coffee cup in his hands could be the center. In fact, sometimes less is more in this case. It would’ve been a nice pic with just the three guys on the right, imo.

This looks really good, I love the second one. Good work.

So… the student becomes the Sensei

who’s the original sensei

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added another thing

stop being such a fucking ball tease jfc

good stuff lad

who made these models tho, that russian dude?



I absolutely love all of these, fantastic work man!