=ROTC= Rust Online Trading Comunity

The =ROTC= Mission

The members of =ROTC= are committed to developing a great and friendly gaming experience to all who play. We are working hard to find a balance between enjoyable risk and utter chaos while remaining dedicated to the core game and offering better protection for newer players.
Our Goals:

Like in any post apocalyptic scenario, we believe safety comes in numbers. We believe that by building a strong community centered around friendship and cooperation, we can create a fun gaming experience while protecting each other from the enemy.

  1. Keeping Balance: We are working hard at finding a balance between the “designed gameplay” and being new player (noob) friendly. Currently we our working on a way to limiting C4 and weapon usage without eliminating it from the game. We believe C4 and other weapons shouldn’t be removed completely from the game because it actually adds a bit of balance.

  2. Kindness can change the world: By limiting resources, research kits, weapons and more we create an atmosphere were players will need to trade or bargain for new stuff or limited resources to keep growing. This will in turn create a community atmosphere where players will be less likely to attack and more likely to be friendly. Hopefully this will have a snowball effect and roll onto new players as they join.

  3. Maintaining a friendly environment: Unfortunately we cannot police our server 24/7 we count on the players who enjoy our service to extend and continue our hospitality and kindness to others.

Visit our website: http://rotc-clan.webs.com/
Any information can be found here.

Website has been updated. it will be updated daily/weekly. We are looking for members that provide input for our server. Vote/make changes.



Website updated. server is starting to see more players.