Rotfiend (Corpse Eater) from “The Witcher 2”

comes in 6 different sizes:

Requires “Joint Tool” for Toe-Posing:


Nice work, Mask! You’re getting the hang of this pretty quickly.

Looks like my mom.

You are aware that my Joint Tool is also released here on Facepunch, right?

Joint Tool

Just thought I’d point it out, since DigitalEro has a bit of a stigma here. Linking there for a download may not be the best idea.

That being said, very cool. Does it have faceposing? (I’d imagine since you have multiple sizes that it does not, but I thought I’d ask anyways.)

thanks for the hint!
the model has got a moving jaw with collision model.
not much to facepose on this buttface anyways.

The sex poses I will do with this.

I’d chill with him.

Awesome work man