Rotten Eggs: Game Mode Concept

This is merely an idea as of making this post, I’m still learning the ropes of Game Design and I’m a beginner with GMod. Rotten Eggs is merely a working title, as a reference to the saying “Last one is a rotten egg”.

Warning: The Above Video is of poor quality and merely to get the general idea across using the Garry’s Mod sandbox. If I were more experienced i would have better edited the video and used a better weather system for the footage. The lighting is also very wrong.

To summarize: A group of players spawn on one end of the map and they are tasked with running a long distance to fight for survival. Meanwhile, one individual player is driving an intimidating old 50’s truck around, hunting down other players and taunting them with eerie music and loud horns. The runners each get a melee weapon and a gun with 1 or 2 bullets, but these aren’t for the driver, they are intended to slow down other players, but are best used strategically. too many slow players and the driver is going to single you out instead of the easy targets because you become the biggest threat. Why would you want to hurt each other, you ask? Because there are a limited number of seats on that plane. So what’s keeping people from killing each other at the start? Well, the fewer targets there are on the playing field, the more likely you’re going to be the driver’s target. There’s potential for props and shelters on bigger maps so runners can hide or use something for protection, but they would have to be spaced apart a lot. Your best protection is being hidden in the fog and changing direction when you don’t the the vehicle is looking at you anymore to throw off his sense of direction. This particular game mode would require a few maps to keep thing interesting. Setting and weather is important. In an airport, you might want heavy rain and fog/steam rising from the ground to limit visibility, but other levels may have a blizzard, or a desert might have a sandstorm. Creating level for this game mode requires very few props, just lots of open space and weather effects to conceal your location. Destructible props may also be beneficial, so players can climb them to see over the low fog for a better vantage point, but drivers still pose a threat. Winners and players who manage to run great distances before dying should be rewarded by a point system, and these points should be used to unlock Runner/Driver skins, Truck Horns, and Music to play on the radio to make the players feel uneasy. There may also be room for different vehicles. It all depends on whether or not I can assemble a decent team.

Just an fyi, this project may or may not happen. If people show interest and help out, the odds are pretty damn good this will happen. If not, I don’t have the skills required to create this at the moment, I haven’t completed my game design course yet and I’m fairly new to GMod, so it’ll either take a very long time before it ever gets made or it won’t be made at all. I bring this up now because there is always the possibility that some of you may want to get behind this and work on some of the groundwork while handle team management and design documentation, overlooking your work and offering whatever advice I can. If you’re hesitant to get involved, I understand completely, but please know that I’m not some “idea guy” who’s just gonna drop a concept on you and walk away expecting full credibility. While I’m on medical leave fom school, I think this would be a productive use of my time, and it would be even better if some of you could show me the ropes so I can better make use of GMod.

I can’t read.

I think this is quite an interesting concept for a gamemode and could see it working as a quick minigames gamemode. One possible issue though is that I personally cannot think of an already map made to play on.

The Driver is also a player. By killing everyone, the driver wins rather than one of the players. It’s like playing as The Hidden. As for going after the slowest person, they might not, but a slower person is easier to hit. It all depends on strategy. Backstabbing doesn’t automatically mean a win. The driver might even prefer to chase the players closest to the end, but slow players make easier targets and a mobile driver will likely attempt to kill runners on sight. When/If you injure another player, it’s probably best to do so when you think the vehicle is nearby, or behind you.

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Creating a map may be a part of the developing process. For the time being, I think we could use the NW Airport in Chernarus because it is fairly long. But this would merely be a placeholder to test game mechanics, weather effects, and balancing. Once mechanics are down, we can make an original map. that follows similar rules and aesthetics but with less hiding places. Right now I’m thinking vast open terrains such as Tundra, Deserts, Airports, and Cornfields. If not another airport, I’m thinking the first map should be on a dusty deserted Nevada Highway. The amount of visibility in a map should depend on it’s size as well. If you have a map that’s absolutely gigantic and with rolling terrain and cacti everywhere, well in that case the weather might be sunny. Weather needs to make it a challenge for a truck and player to see each other, but you don’t want the truck driving around for 10 minutes and not finding anybody.