Rough launch info?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if there were any rough estimates of what Rust’s final version would be like in the market.

Will it be a standalone client, and if so, will it be on Steam?
I think that using Steam could be an advantage. Start a temporary steam group for you and your friends, and just like that, you have group chat.

How much will it cost?
I have $40 saved up and i was hoping that it wouldn’t cost more than $30 (as I’m going to buy my friend gmod), as I don’t to use my money down to $30 and then it turn out to actually cost $35.

i think it might be a pay for the alpha bit like how steam have early access.

Only time will show.

Right now, they are using the web player, because it’s easier to update and stuff.
It’s there plan to get it on steam eventually.
I don’t know about the price yet.

Have a look here guys: