Round and round we go

Ok, another error.
Sometimes when connecting to a server, i will get as far as the Sending client info…
bit, and then it just keeps going around, and the server thinks i have logged on, so i cant rejoin.
Wierd thing is, it just keeps going around, it doesnt lag or anything, it just keeps going round…

This happens to me occasionally at times. If i wait long enough it says I timed out.
Could be something with your connection or the server has a bad connection.

That sometimes can happen if your game takes a long time to join the server. If you join again it should work, and to prevent the problem further you should try removing some addons.

I have already told you in your previous thread, it’s ether you have a lot of drop outs or the servers your connecting to has a bad connection with you. My advise is to get a new internet provider or just phone them up and tell them that your getting big drop out’s and they will test that for you. Also again if you have a wireless router this may also be the cause. As a said in another thread a little earlier. Try phoning someone or tell someone to phone you when your on a server and see if your client gets times out. You may have an old phone that is interfering with your routers signal.

And, like i said in my other thread if you read it,
I have a 2 gb connection to direct stream to the internet.
Probably faster than yours.
Not using wireless router.
ISP is fine.
Read my other thread and i wouldn’t have to have said that.