Round sounds

So I have songs that play at the beginning and the end of the round on my server. But I want to add a perk for my donators. If they get final kill, it will play their special specific song they choose to have. Does anyone have a code for that or know how to do that. I still want all my normal songs to play, but if a donator wins. It will override the regular songs that play, but if a donator doesnt win and some random does, it will play our random music we have.

I didnt post this in the hire thread, because i dont think this would be much of a challenge. So I dont want to pay anyone for it. If I really have to I will, but im hoping I dont have to.

Nobody can really get this done for you without any kind of code already present, but the general procedure for this should be like this:

  1. Locate the sound playing code
  2. Add a conditional - that if the round has been won by a donator, play the donator’s song, otherwise, play the normal song.