Round Two (gmod video with counter-strike's flavor)

From the maker of "Met the medec", I proudly present new video. Hope you still enjoy this kind of things.

One of the most mature CSS games I’ve seen played.

In all seriousness good work, I really like how you were able to piece the animation together so smoothly especially on that fight scene.

You know, HAT is fine and all, but you should look into stop motion. HAT is a bit slow and unnatural looking when it comes to animating characters. Stop Motion can either look much better or much worse. It takes longer obviously through.

I know stop motion can make great effects while spending some time on it, but I’m not in position of having time for it. I stopped making gmod videos for over 2years until now, so I want to squeeze that mood for videos making. Also, I always run away from stopmotion, even when I was making 2D animations in flash.

For what it was, incredible. Obviously if you don’t understand how difficult to make things like this in GMOD it wouldn’t be all that impressive, but this was actually really good. I laughed quite a bit, thanks for a very entertaining 5 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how hard these things are. I usually get board of it not even half way through and quit.

Anyway, even through of the animation it was really nice. I would like to see more from you in the future.

Oh I wasn’t talking specifically about you. By post count alone I can assume you’re well experienced with GMOD and machinima.

Nice, fight scene at the end looked awesome, been watching a lot of gmod machinima in the last few weeks and that the best HAT work i have seen.

Finaly someone notice my scene at the end. This was THE BEST fight scene I ever created (I man all kind, gmod, flash, 3D animation) and only with 5 swoosh effects it also sounds good. After I rendered this movie I just watch that 18 seconds over and over again.

Also, I would like to recommend a mod.

Let’s to pose ragdolls much easier, and works incredibly well with stiff ones.