Just tryinna race someone on a server, it tells us to put roundcounters on our cars. Don’t know what to do, any idea?

Maybe it’s a custom ent that counts the number or rounds the race is at/how many you’ve one? I would check the entities tab of the menu and look there.

Can it be that vending machine on the left?

I doubt this old ass map has any fancy Lua entities.

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Can also be that the map relied on a mod that is no longer shipped with the map.

Ah, I was thinking it was a custom server message; didn’t realise the sign was baked into the map.

Yea its gm moebenix b3 i think

From what I can recall of this map, the vending machine on the left will spit out a few colored props (one of which you can actually see on the screenshot) depending on how many racers there is. Just weld that thing on the appropriate players cars and it should work fine.

It’s the colored boxes that drop from the vending machine. Weld it anywhere on your vehicle.

Daaaaaamn I miss messing around on mobenix. Greatest sandbox map I’ve ever played tbh