Rounded MiniMap

How can I make a rounded Minimap ??
I create the Minimap but I don’t really know how to make it rounded.

local MPositionX = ScrW() - 200
local MPositionY = 15
local MSizeW = 160
local MSizeH = 160

local LocalPos = LocalPlayer():GetPos()
local MiniMapData = {}
MiniMapData.angles = Angle(90,0,0)
MiniMapData.origin = LocalPos + Vector(0,0,900)
MiniMapData.x = MPositionX
MiniMapData.y = MPositionY
MiniMapData.w = MSizeW
MiniMapData.h = MSizeH
render.RenderView( MiniMapData )



Wait, is that all your code? You do realise you need to actually make CONTENT to put inside your minimap?

That doesn’t make the Minimap rounded.
You basically showed me how to create a RoundedBox

You can use stencils to mask the circular portion from a texture.

Someone suggested me that but everything I found was this : and to be honest I didn’t really understand it.

You should render the view to a render target put that into a material and then render a polygon(circle) with the material applied.