Rounding a a corner

Basically need some help with how I would round this corner. Basically 3 cylinders rounded to make a curved edge. Where they meet I would like to have a rounded corner piece.

I’ve tried doing it with a sphere cut up, but I couldn’t get it to match up properly, so tossed the idea for now. Also tried an arch, then using the vertex tool to try and align it. Got it to work for the first few pieces, but once I got to the center it all went nuts on me, so I dropped that idea. How would I go about forming the corner? Forgive me if its an obvious answer, found nothing in any tutorials, and its beyond my limited hammer knowledge.

Create a sphere 2 times as large as the corner you need to fill, clip it into an eighth then put it into the corner. I would personally suggest making the brushes that form the curved edge have no face that is the same angle as the one it is connecting to. Make them only the bit that curves. That will make the sphere easier.

Vertex manipulation, unfortunately I don’t have access to Hammer at the moment so I can’t show any pictures of how to go about it…

Why the fuck would you want to do that manually?

1: Set up the 3 brushes like this. Make sure they all got the same amount of faces and that all the vertexes is on the grid.

2: then extend the 2 higher brushes and cut them like I did (The cut is done in the TOP viewport)

3: Now select the 2 top brushes and cut it along the green line in the top viewport.

What the horribly done Christ? I thought sphere was generally regarded as the brush equivalent of carve.

I tried that earlier, but I did it a bit differently. I’ll need to try it the way you’ve shown though, thanks for the images, made it a lot easier to understand. Also shows how my method was flawed.

Edit: Works, gives me the corner Im looking for. Although its not the prettiest corner, it does work. Thanks for the help.

it is :tinfoil: