Rounds, Spawns and Deaths

Obviously you know what im going to ask based on the thread name. :L

Question 1: How do I make it so that there are 5 minute rounds in my gamemode (extremely nooby question [theres propably a wiki on that])? I mean, I’ve been looked around on how to make rounds and I can’t find a good place, so I turn to you guys!

Question 2: Behold, another nooby question, how do I make it so that if you die, you stay dead until the end of the round?

Question 3: How do I make it so each team spawns in the same place, every round? (Not so nooby, but still nooby question) [ANSWERED]

For Question 3 you can use map entities, or you can just use the default CS maps which have CT and T spawns.

Thanks! That really helped :smiley:

But now as for the other 2 questions… :expressionless: