Router fowarding. Fml. lost of info....

Ok, I’m not some noobie starter that just got gmod and all that. This is a problem I’v ehad forwell over two years now. Ive tried: getting a new router, 15 different connections, turning everything off my router, removing the firewall from my family desktop, setting up a static IP. I just want my free internets :frowning: And nothing works, many of people have gotten this to work but never me. And whenever I make these forums I get awful answers or flames.

I tried a 26 dollar switch and that didnt work either.

My connection goes:
SpeedStream 4200-------------- Netgear Wireless N-300 WNR2000v2-------------Desktop

Which the router lets me connect to the internet with the desktop from my room with a wireless n-300 little usb connecter.

Ive literally went to so many times the numbers run through my head. I HAVE TRIED EVERY SETTING. I guess just not in the right fashion.

All im asking is for some generosity and some help. I know someone can help me please I’m begging you end my suffering.

I just want a good connection on XBOX and to run my dedicated server. Thats all but I just cant. My life wants to hate me for something I havent done :frowning:

I’m confused as to what you actually want to do.