rowdyruff boys ragdolls

can anyone make the rowdyruff boys ragdolls (for gmod 10) Butch, brick and boomer

For anyone whos wondering their from the Power Puff Girls, is there even Power Puff Girls ragdolls?


Reference is helpful, but that’s what the OP should put in.

Yea I thought I should put something, as they hadn’t :slight_smile:

CAN’T anyone make one

c’mon lazy ass MAKE ONE DAMMIT!!

Thats really not the way to get people to help you :S

…nor is it a way to end a job interview…I’ve learned that the hard way…

I lol’d.


You gotta be desperate to start yelling stuff like “CMON LAZY ASS GIMME THE JOB” when he doesn’t hire you :v:

how hard is it for someone making a simple ragdoll

If it’s that simple why don’t you do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

How? i don’t have 3d max or something

What he means is, if you believe it is so easy to do, surely you could do it yourself?

but what program do i use

Valve recommends XSI…and, how do you expect to model a ragdoll when you don’t know how to model, or even what program to use? (not being a dick, just wondering)