Royal Commando's kill Turian Militant to keep Hidden

ive always had an idea. i flicker of wonder of what would the mass effect universe be like if the humans were still using the modern technology and weapons. if instead of the alliance the UN was the united earth force. i hoped to do better in making this. personal the idea was better than what was executed

enjoy and i apreciate C+C

im trying to use ingame editing as instructed in the tutorial but cant remember the whole shabam

Use dof to actually focus in on something that’s happening, not the wall behindthem.

right thanks. bugger i can see what you mean, the commando’s are a bit blurry

Would of been cooler to make the Royal commandos look more Mass Effect, find a green berry and maybe mix it with human ME1-2 soldiers.

as i said in the OP it was the idea of humans stuck on modern day weaponology. i pondered of them using the mass effect armor plating inside the kevlar vests