Royal GMod Air Force Airplanes

I have just released a new airplane for the newly-spawned Royal GMod Air Force (RGAF).

Here is a part of the Pilot’s Manual:

The Royal GMod Air Force (or RGAF) had requested to build a single-seat, single-engine biplane capable of fulfilling photoreconnaissance and light fighter roles. Multiple contracts by various manufacturers were presented, but the RGAF high command chose the Garry’s Mod Aircraft Model 2 (G.M.A.2) “Sparrow”. It was designed in early May of 2011, and built in the days following. Recon pilots loved it because of its ease of use, yet fighter pilots found it hard to aim and fly the aircraft at the same time.

[h2] Features: [/h2]
[li] Working Engine with Sounds[/li][li] Functioning CLICKABLE cockpit[/li][li] Included Pilot’s Manual[/li][li] Cockpit Lights[/li][li] Working Starter[/li][li] .30 caliber machine gun[/li][li] Working throttle[/li][li] Realistic Control Axes (Roll, Pitch, Yaw)[/li][li] Distinct British RGAF markings on upper and lower wings[/li][li] and much more![/li][/ul]

This aircraft, the Sparrow, was originally based off of the Airco D.H.2 WWI fighter plane.

If you would like to join the RGAF, please click this link.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading the Pilot’s Manual. This will teach you everything you need to know about the usage, installation, and requirements of this beautiful aircraft.

Some more images, if you please:


brilliantly done

Are any new airplanes needed for the RGAF? I’d be willing to shunt effort from my motorworks division to wartime supplies if needed.


Many likes. At first I saw the nose and I was all wat then I saw the reference and was all: Awesome.

I looked at the poll results, and it seems there’s a demand for a single-engine (inline), single-seat, low-wing fighter that will replace the Sparrow in the fighter role.

I love it :buddy:

could’ve parented another blade across the other one though so you’d have “one” base and four blades but the performance would stay the same when you’ve already made it

I, for one, think a seaplane is the up-and-coming technology

I assure you that I’ve given the lead directors a heads up, and the Quälitat Motorworks Conceptual Design division is hard at work perfecting the idea. We should have a concept out soon.

On a side note, experimentation has begun on the effectiveness of dual engine aircraft to serve heavier fighter or even bomber roles. The progress is slow, but it looks very promising.

Wonderful. I think that Garry’s Mod Aircraft has this one under control, as the airworthy prototype, which will be called the Eagle, is nearly complete. We were thinking of providing RGAF with a twin engine bomber-transport, which would look something like a twin-radial-engined Sparrow, with a crew of three. Bombardier, Navigator, and Pilot. If your people would like to handle the job instead, just let me know and I will cease the concept design of the twin.

Reporting for duty.


I just got word that RGAF is already asking for 50 Eagles as soon as final preparations have been made. I expect mass production and export of the Eagle in the next few days.

Bombardiers to your stations!

Work has begun on a double engine-capable airframe. Test results for a dual rotor aircraft have proven the concept. The aircraft will rely on two 9 cylinder radial-configuration engines for propulsion, and should have a maximum weight limit of nearly 2000 kilograms.

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damn i feel stupid :v:

The SVN for the Propeller Model Pack is broken. And the site that the creator said we could find the link doesn’t respond. Can we just go with the Revision 19, which is the latest Revision I’ve found.

No it is not broken, I’ve tested it.

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Yes, I just realized that. Just that in the original manual, I was confused and saw svn://
I thought that it meant AFTER the svn: was the link, not including the SVN.