Royal Ludroth (Monster Hunter Tri)

Dino lizard thing with that spongy mane.


[ul]Finger posing[/ul]
[ul]Eye posing[/ul]
[ul]Bodygrouped damaged parts (1 horns, 2 mane)[/ul]
[ul]4 sizes (0.3x small, 1x regular, 3x big, 7x bigger)[/ul]


Thanks to Dragoshi1 for providing the model.

Also on Toybox.

This almost looks like a Lion crossed with a Crocodile O.o

Nice phong, baby. :smug:

Lion/Crocodile/Eagle/Rattlesnake :science:

Thanks for it!

Where did the eagle from from? :raise:


This is one cool model.

Hurrah! Glad to see more Tri ports from you man. Bravo

Its sound effects consist of growls, and Eagle cries(you know, that beautiful sound Eagles make when they soar in the sky)

More Monster Hunter stuff are always welcome.
I love your models. :slight_smile:

Does it come with a separate tail model?

No, sorry.

Dam… how many more MH Tri Monsters are there?
Bloody nice work again man.