Royal Ludroth WIP (Suggestions Wanted)

I really want to do more with this, but I’m not sure what. Any ideas? It looks pretty bare now.

Water is too shallow. Monsters usually thrive in deep and wide lakes not confined rivers like this.

I meant more along the lines of how to make the picture better, like effects and props and such. Besides, it’s meant to be shallow; in the game, Ludroth tend to be found in shallow water long the shore.

Maybe add some fog and add an abandoned boat somewhere at the top or a skeleton in the river bed.

Maybe, but I want it to look more natural, like you’d see it in a documentary or something. I like the idea of the boat though.

If you’re going for a documentary look, put more natural looking stuff in. Find some waterlily props, some fish or something. I doubt all there would be is two birds and a monster.

Okay, thanks!