RP-Base: roleplay framework for all RP needs

The idea: we plan to port our feature-rich framework to S&Box!

Few words about the devs: who we are?

We are members of urf.im community (https://steamcommunity.com/groups/urfimofficial) our team contains a mapper, two tech guys and lots of roleplaying enthusiast who will be really grateful to participate in S&Box community. The community was established in 2015 and right now it's the largest Garry's Mod community in Russia (70 000 Garry's Mod players)! We developed a high quality roleplaying framework called RP-Base and we have lots of active and popular servers based on our creation that we regularly update: HL2RP, WW2RP, SCP RP, Fallout RP, STALKER RP and more.

What's our plan?

We are really excited about Source 2 and we wish to use its functionality to full extent! We plan to port our unique features (more details below) to a new engine. Our teams has great experience in mapping, coding and model-porting and all of us are really want to put our hands to work with new possibilities. First of all we plan to develope RP-Base2 - a new and more powerful roleplaying framework. Once it's done we will proceed with maps, weapons and models.

With introduction of S&Box it’s natural to move to a new environment.

RP-Base Feature list:

  • Job NPCs
  • Inventory: lootables, destructibles, crafting
  • Moods and emotes
  • UIs - lots of them
  • Flag captures & robberies
  • Custom maps & models (links below)

Check out YouTube demonstration!

Features of Source 2 that we plan to use to full extend

  • UI: we plan to develop an UI framework for our needs with help of Panorama (we lack it in a garry’s mod: making an high quality interface in garry’s mod is a huge pain)
  • Animations: players love animations and we use them to a full extent in our RP-Base, we hope that with help of Source 2 we will be able to achieve much more!
  • Mapping: mapping is so limited in Source engine, we want larger maps!
  • VR: roleplaying with VR headset seems fun

RP-Base features we are currently working on:

  • Character creation system

  • Battle pass like guide for new players

Signature maps that were created by urf.im community:

Skyrim map teaser: https://vk.com/video93645244_456239112
Cyberpunk map teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1MeZrElQYk

Signature player models that were created by urf.im community:


I will post all RP-Base updates in this thread so stay tuned!


How crazy there is like 5 roleplay gamemodes planned


They are not planned, those are 5 servers working & active: visit our russian website and french one.


I mean everyone want to make it’s own roleplay gamemode for its own community

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interesting project :+1:

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Ambitious project, hope to see you on S&Box

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Isn’t urf.im the same community that released a Half-Life 2 roleplay server map after Alyx came out?

The same map that, when used by a not-urf.im community, was updated to include kill triggers, entity removers, and other soft-DRM features that only your community knew the immediate workaround for?

If you all intend to work on S&Box I hope you plan to share your maps this time around.


UI designs look really nice, good job!


report the maps to rubat if there is any DRM like protection as this violates the workshop rules :d


Ya I did.

The one I mentioned above has since been reuploaded without kill triggers and some weird HUD/camera effects + broken areaportals instead that need some Lua to workaround.


Ah yes, urf.im! I hope you guys dont re-upload other peoples models under your name this time.


опа урфим сообственной персоной, че очередное шиз рп с ауе рп устраивать будете?

идите отсюда, воняете

Do they have a track record of doing so?

Do you have something to show us rather than words?

Same story as above.

Alright if you’d rather have someone show you then I guess we might as well have a look


Player eyes are rotated in ways they shouldn’t every time you respawn

Fog controller is set to stupid values, broken area portals (see the next point)

All buttons and doors are removed, resulting in broken area portals and a map that is pretty much useless
2021-04-24_13-53-59 2021-04-24_13-53-41


Same shit as the last map, missing doors leading to broken area portals.


Fog controller is set to values that are even worse than the alyx map, can’t see anything by default

And just like the other maps, missing doors that result in broken area portals everywhere


Huge RP-Base update incoming: character creation system


Is RP-Base itself available for others to use, and will it be for source 2?

Have you considered reaching out to other RP gamemodes devs, to team up and create one RP gamemode framework?

You can follow in TTT footsteps and team up to build one, huge and solid framework, with all this RP gamemode devs power combined.

Considering what I saw and heard from other peeps on here (Lots of negative feedback), I rather see someone get early access to s&box that WILL share maps across the community, not some selfish workarounds that destroy the map IF anyone else besides urf.im uses.

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  • Forgot to mention we already have plenty of RP gamemodes. If your objective is to even help the community instead of your own server(s), you should team up with them and help out.
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