hi !

Once, ~in 2011, I found here a map which totally amazed me at that time. It was some interbellum-themed rp of a european city. With a lot of various facilities - apart from houses and cafes there was ice rink, subway, river trams… I guess it was called rp_catisland. What really caught me that day - is the INCREDIBLE amount of details and design, tons of custom props, textures. It was super different from many many hl-themed maps. I was blown away the way it was done.

That time I was kinda kid, midschool and had no idea what to do. Living in small town, occasionally playing gmod because found out about it from game magazine taken from library. And pow - this thing - since then most of (boring) school lessons I spent on sketching some similar-styled buildings, floorplans of them. My classmates thought I am weirdo, I was tho. Hammer was too hard for me to understand, so I drew it, creating in my mind how it could be. Because rp_catisland was announced, but wasn’t released at the moment.

Somehow later, thanks tutors by 3kilksphillip, I managed to learn basics of hammer. By doing maps I started to excavate a lot of info on history and culture, it became a way to analyze things. I sketched ideas in school, came home and tried to work on them. Tho, I lacked power management skills and could work on somsing for weeks, starting from really small details and after simply burnt out. All in all, I was lazy to create somthing finished because ideas were always GRAND. Yet, I posted here WIPs and it was big joy for me to get feedbacks from outer world.

Besides hammer I slowly learned 2d and 3d soft to do custom content. Propper was still the best but had some limitations. And drew quite a lot, so started to do concept art for mods. Once I finished school and got to university, I started to lack time for hammer because it is way too time consuming. Even the basic things are being done for a century, also thousands of non-obvious issues on compilation of everything. Yet, skills got from this uneven mapping process helped me to find a job in cg during studies.

Couple of years ago I started to escape cg because it is definately overheated work area now. NFT, neural webs, everybody drawing and modelling the same good but really small amount of uniqeness in artworks. I don’t get it, where is THE SOUL ??? ahah. I guess just got tired of it. Currently moving into semi-architectural field, a lot of work with floor plans, studying buildings to propose smooth ideas, doing architectural sketches. And damn ! Having super strong nostalgia of hammer times. I was playing in what I do now. And remembering this first map I was struck by. I mean rp_catisland.

Dunno if it was ever released, but it lives in my memory. I guess it was done by guy with nickname Antimonycat. I failed to find his contacts, so just want to dedicate this text to him and also to mapping community which made source engine a great playground to shape interests.

Vielen danks,

Ganggang, poetic justice, how the cookie crumbles and the turntable turns, not listening to lectures because I was too busy thinking about Gmod was all the rage!

It’s a shame it never got released, let me see what happened

This was a very unique RP map that was never released. If I can recall, the mapper used to post updates on facepunch forum’s mapping section before being perma-banned for using a racial slur and never to be seen again

yeah sounds just about right, the forums before the exodus were wild, not sure why Garry accepted having such a forum under his company’s name, but I guess he wasn’t all too happy either, seeing what happened.