RP Coder

I have a 32 slot server. I am looking for someone who is whiling to either edit DarkRP to implement some new features like a working car dealer class that can sell cars or design a RP script along the lines of DarkRP. If you are curious what cars I will be using, I am currently planning on using the sickness cars. I would use DarkerRP (aka CityScript) but it is too confusing and no administration commands to edit ‘tokens’ and such (that I know of o.O). If you are not a fan of DarkRP, I also like something along the lines of PERP but it is private and I understand making something like this would involve a decent amount of $$$. So if you are interested in helping with this project, you will get super admin in the server and I might be whiling to throw in some cash via paypal.

Serious inquiries only.
If you are not interested, please do not post.
I do not need any rude remarks from anybody who is not interested.
I am just looking to start up a friendly server that people will enjoy.

Thanks in advanced.

60 dollars for the npc dealer, 20 to show you how to use cityscript. Ill also set anyones tokens for 10 bucks if you want to use cityscript. ill also add a Law section to darkrp menu and add madcow weapons ammo to menu. this is for 10 bucks.

find a skin on fps banana and ill make it into a swep 3 Bucks each.

Wow…Roleplay word wants $100 for everything he just said not including the sweps…Anyway I’m dling cityscript right now, I’ll get back to you on how to use it.


Oh wow…cityscript is definitely a mess, well I don’t know how many things philxyz changed but if it still has most parts from cakescript as it appears it does then most rp functions are performed with your mouse, so things like buying doors, picking up items and a few other things that I can’t remember are done with a simple click of your mouse…

Isnt Roleplay Word an alt of Roleplay World anyways?
100$ is insane, i hate people wanting a shitload of money for requests.
Cityscript does seem to be a mess but a cardealer class in DarkRP is pretty easy:
something along this line:
[lua]TEAM_VEH = AddExtraTeam(“Vehicle Dealer”, Color(125, 0, 255, 255), “models/player/alyx.mdl”, [[<insert description here>]], {""}, “vehicledealer”, 2, 50, 0, true)[/lua] in shared.lua
then something like this in addentities.lua
[lua]AddCustomVehicle(“Jeep”, “models/buggy.mdl”, 1000 , {TEAM_VEH})[/lua]

Not just any alt, but an alt of a perma’d user…

And he was just listing off shit he has…because NPC dealer, Law section, and sweps were never mentioned by OP.

Im looking to do some RP work i usualy code for free. Conatct me.

Seriously, I bet your ass that even you can edit DarkRP.

Take a look at shared.lua and addentities/addshipments.lua (depending of which version you have), everything is well explained how to do everything :slight_smile: