RP Dedicated server set up problem

HELP!!! How do I set up an RP server? My server keeps being sandbox! Explain plz!

Add me on steam: modegg

is it a home server or did you buy it?

Home one. It’s Dedicated server. Officially set up with help of garrysmod.com wiki

P.S. Added. I’m Just a Human

I don’t help with home run servers. Buy a server that’s cheap (eg. Www.ukgame.com) and then I will help you.

I pmed you the answer.

Chuck wtf are you on about, you can’t just pm a answer with this
little info

I did though.

What did the pm say?

I just told him to add sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP to server config.


Now that i think of it, editing the command line wouldve been better.