rp east coast

Hello everyone. I have finally finished this wip.

Description and pics are in workshop so I felt it’s unnecessary to copy them here.

Map contents
Police department
Two apartment buildings - total 9 apartments.
A bank
A park
A pharmacy / small clinic
Shops, mostly boutiques
A club
Metro station
A lot of alleyways
A cinema
Underground tunnels and sewer

Also, yes, I did add the window frames to the final version.

Any thoughts provoked?

I would like to thank The Pro also for inspiring certain areas of the map.


Screens look fantastic and you’ve certainly nailed the feel from what I can see. Excellent work.

e: I played throught the map.

  • Fucking brilliant attention to detail. The map is consistent in theme throughout and feels vibrant and alive. Really.

Like, this was totally unexpected.

  • Excellent work with optimization - FPS is high no matter where I am.
  • The map feels natural and not blocky - your use of dsplacements in the road and such are noticed.
  • The map is complex and took me some time to explore - and even now I keep finding nooks and crannies.


  • It’s hard to tell what’s usuable and what’s not, especially with brush doors.
  • The tunnel ends, in my opinion, should be extended far enough and player clipped that you don’t smak into a tools/toolsblack textured wall.
    The lights also don’t make sense here and should match the turned-off florescent(sic) ones in the other tunnel:

  • It’s easy to get lost, especially underground. I’m sure that’s intentional, but the RP community in GMod is… not smart.

All in all, this is a brilliant map. We’ll be switching our community over to this map as soon as possible and rewiring our code to work with it.
Thank you. Really. This is beautiful work.

I’m getting a downtowny feel from this, maybe it’s enough to make the community transition to this map?!

Awesome map btw.

oh my, I can’t wait to take a look at this.

edit: so I played, I like it a lot

The PD gave me a huge bone, as did the club.
Good spaces for the Mob and Shady fools.
Great spaces for just everything really, a lot of nooks and crannies which I love.
Compact maps are always a +1 for me.

Bruh. This looks fantastic. Great work. The detail is just. Omg.

East Coast beast coast

Should give a name to the light_environment entity so we can use day/night script.

(and more apartments, that’s the only thing I have against the map at the moment)

Didn’t know about the light thing. Would be an useful addition indeed.
I could do a revision later on, spotted some flaws already.

Had a mess about in this map, loved it. I recall a shop thing where you could break the windows but could not open the door?

I also feel like in those flights of stairs with static doors, you could make them into flats.

Definitely think some extra housing would add to the map, dig it though

Are we talking about apartments or something else?

I noticed a trend - it may be a little silly - but RP maps that are mostly apartment housing are the ones that players don’t play [sp]at all[/sp]. Ones with big industrial places or individual housing is what players usually stay and base in.

Brownstones/townhouses might do that well, instead of traditional houses.

rp players play garbage maps

quality maps like this, littletown, locality, etc are ignored and its sad

That’s really unfair and a bit rude to call popular rp maps “garbage”

ok Im sorry

its mostly just bad edits of downtown though

It’s the truth, though.
Downtown has aged poorly. Same with C18 and Evo.

Apartments aren’t something to leave out, but I agree that townhouses would probably be preferred by players

The ones in ye olde rp_amsterville might be a good model for sizing/scale

EvoCity is being updated.

You can use this addon to unlock that door.