rp explosive door breach

I hate the average roleplay battering ram…
take it from swat to enter doorways with explosives.
I suggest for some lua coder to take my model and make it into an explosive door breacher.

My model


-remove props a few units infront of explosion
-unlock door
-gib the door (ahh if the server wants it)
-cuase damage all around
-remote controlled

extra picture


ask me for the model and the credits for the model are

duno all exept compiling
Justin712 compiling

im not good at lua but i bet i can mod a current breach charge swep to use that cool model send me it and i give it a shot

xkontra is my steam name

xkontra is my steam name

Cool model I already have a rp door explosive. Send model to elliott_150@hotmail.com and also send/make a v_ model

You could get the lua code from l33tnoob I guess…the guy who made the tactical weapons swep and fist.

Garrys Bombs 3 Has the best door Breach by far…C2, Look into that

its too big of a explosion

Yeah, Also. Grammer police fail.

Yes,that is it
Just change the model in shared.lua


Hmmm, the file doesn’t exist.