RP Framework


I have a question…

What is the best framework for GMod out there.

I have tested these:

DarkRP: Full of Kids
Cider/Applejack: Dead
Orange Cosmo’s: Meh
PERP: Backdoored
Nutscript: Meh
Clockwork: bruh really think imma pay 30$ for a schema…

  • Hassan

Nutscript is the way to go by the looks of it,
If you know your lua you could make your own gamemode perhaps

We are busy with making our own gamemode but I need something to play in the meanwhile.

How do you create a gamemode while you play another one

:quotes: Zombie Survival :quotes:

You can always make your own. It might sound difficult, but if you don’t like the ones out there, it’s an awesome learning and exploring experience.

He’s right, since you are making your own gamemode as you said. That’s the most valuable and the best way in my opinion.

I can answer this as I have first hand knowledge -

Not very quickly - that’s how.

So realistic :v: