RP Friendly weapons?

Ok, so I am looking into using Tiramisu(or whatever name of it is) and I noticed some weapons that appear fine in Sandbox(held like Rifles) but when I play this game mode, they get held like pistols, any fixes for them? thanks.

Or, are there any RP friendly weapons?

I think there is a field, that denotes on how the weapon is held. You need to look at the weapons’ file and compare it to the premade to see where the line of code goes.

Also, depends on your RP theme.

Halo, and I know, “It’s overdone” I think according to that last thread, it’s largely UNSC based, so everyone that joins in a UNSC, and it’s mainly vs NPC’s, but it’s not tied down by Halo/UNSC weapons and such, so weapons that are not native to the universe will be used.

I’m just trying to get all the bugs worked out before I go advertising or anything.

and no, there are no Spartans, I got annoyed with them after Halo 2, I prefer the Marines, and like I mentioned, the weapon is held perfectly in Sandbox, but in the RP mode it gets held like a Pistol.