Description: There are four races. You need to kill npc’s (and other players) to level up & get items to increase your stats.

Races: Elf, Human, Blood Dwarf & Undead



Stats: Attack, Defense, weight and Magic

Clothing: Armour, Gloves, Boots, Helmets and shields

Weapons: Swords, Daggers, Bows, Battle Axes and spears


Inventory size: level - size
1 - 10
21 - 20
41 - 30
61 - 40
81 - 50
100 - 60

Items: (You can only have one of these at a time)
Small Bag - +20
Big Bag - +40
Super Bag - Max 200(Only 4 gained by killing death)

NPC’s Vary from rats to citizens to Special Chaos Demons

Animals: Foxes, Bears, rats, antlions

citizens: Stall Owners, Blacksmiths, monks

Chaos Demons: These are the Dark force invading the land. Weak, but in great numbers overpowering.

Special Chaos Demons: These are the most evolved Chaos Demons and for that have special powers and abilities.


[release]~DireAvenger’s Ideas~

Description: This is a list of DireAvengers many great ideas. Some may be edited.

Blood effects: If your health is below 25, blood will constantly appear under you. Wipe your feet before coming in, Please.

Weather Effects: Fog, Snow, rain

Special Magical Anomalies (SMA): These are special things that appear around the map. Sometimes you can find new spells or be teleported some where special, Other times it does very bad things. Here are the types:

  • Warp: Warp is an anomaly of two, There are two warps that randomly appear and link to eachother, If you get too close to one, it will teleport you to another. Can be placed by mappers or randomly made by the gamemode.

  • Library of Spells: A large blue dome that gives you a special spell.

  • Stretcher: If you get close enough to the Stretchers it will suck you in and either kill you, or make you fling off into the distance.

Chaos Lands: A Large plane land surrounded by mountains. This is the home to the Chaos Demons and The City of Blood(CoB).

The Chaos Heart The place where all the Chaos Demons came though to invade this world.

Chaos Veins: Like poison arms that stretch along the ground in CoB if you damage one to much it will explode.

Chaos Gas: Made from the Chaos Veins if you breath it you will die. the only way you can safely enter CoB is to have the spell Easy Breathing.

^Special Chaos Demons^

The leaper: Pretty much a fast zombie variant, Except it’s very clingy, If you know what I mean.

The crawler: Crawls across the floor, Tends to scuttle across the roof towards you, Then drop onto your head. Otherwise, Will act just like a headcrab.

The seeker: Completely blind, Only the sound of your weapon, Or movement, Can tell it where you are. (Do not wear heavy armor around this chaos unit! It WILL detect you!) Instant death if you are found! Very easy to kill.

The finder: This, Combined with the seeker, Is a deadly combo. The finder will fly above the seeker, And cast it’s red spotlight around it. If you are hit by this spotlight, All nearby seekers, And all enemies within 1000 units, Will rush towards you. Finders are easy to kill, But require great precision, As they are fast to dodge arrow shots.

Death: Death is the worst of all Chaos Demons. He can just pop up from underground and cut your head off, Jump down from the ceiling and cut you in half, And worst of all, if you touch him, You die. however he walks very slowly. Death also leaves behind chaos veins where he walks, So if you see a trail of chaos veins, But see no portals, RUN!!!



Me(Yoft) - Lua scripter
DireAvenger - Ideas
BladerofFire - Ideas

We REALLY need some models & textures done(You get in the credits): http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=687292

Do Not post here post at: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=14086210

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more pic's coming soon!

Wow, it’s another RPG gamemode, but this one actually looks like it might kick off.

EDIT:Never mind, I said something stupid.

I’ve already got about 1/3 done.

atleast its written from scratch

all but the scoreboard, just edited it

nobody will care bout that :wink: and can i host when its somewhat decent to play

nah, don’t want people getting it + may already have a server

public opinion: How many accounts should people be able to have?



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Are you insane?

5, Not too much to fuck up a database, and not too less.

10 then the player can experience all ten accounts

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5 sounds good to me, oh btw I’m helping with the dev

Looks good, something else with rp then normal modern life.

Nice Release.


The idea sounds nice, it might take off well.

It is a good, I have been giving yoft little bits of help with lua but he cant get his hands on any models for the weapons.