RP game mode set up for two citys

I have made my self a RP map(I will post it on gmod.org in about 2 weeks) with two sepprate citys.
I was woundering if there was any RP game mode (thats not darkRP)that used to mayors in a unison set up, for example:say that in one town one item is ilegal and in the other it’s not,allowing people to “smuggle” that item in. Is there any game mode that can do this with verry little lag?

No. There is no possibility of a gamemode detecting if a town starts/ends.

Unless ofcourse the cities are marked somehow.

It does not need to do that, only have two mayors, agovrment affical higher then the mayor,two sepprate police forces,and two types of each citicen or nongoverment job(one for each town),then and swep to see if that citisen has any thing illegal for the cop’s area.

For example: citisen form cityB is searhed buy cop from cityB this cop find no illegal items for cityB, then that same citisen is seached buy a cop from cityA and that cop finds some thing illegal for cityA That means he can get a warnt to arrest,but only if the citisen is in cityA.

and what if you used map triggers to tell if you in or out of a city?(or how ever space build tells if your in or out of space?)

No. There isnt one.

There could be a certain line that when you cross it the Gamemode detects it, and registers it?

It’s reasonably simple to do, but there’s no scripts that support it. Go pester the DarkRP thread or something.

Or you can just make a map, with two cities, and learn how to control your own servers. It’s as easy as cake.

I made a pretty good map with 4 cities, it was HUGE. Each city had about 20 apartment buildings, nice roads for cars, and alot of buildings for each job. There was ALOT of country side too, along with abandoned houses, and a pothole that you climbed down into and found a bunch of guns :smiley:

It was during Gmod 9 times, a few servers (2 or 3) used my map, but they were just friends.
There were no scripts for it or anything, I trusted people to run their own cities.
People elected mayors, cops, ect. The server owner had to give guns to the cops and stuff lol.

I had to reformat and lost the map, and eventually all my friends lost it too :frowning:
If I could find a copy, I would throw a party :cawg:

well if anyone finds (or makes)a such a gamemode please do tell me.
untill then I’ll just hope that people can run the citys separtly with only one mayor.