RP Gamemode

So for a few years now (about 4) I have been working on a role play gamemode. When I started it, PERP 1 was popular (I feel old D:) so the original concept was based around that.

The basic idea of it was supposed to be GMStranded + DarkRP + Theater + PERP and its turned out quite well (I think). Its still heavily unfinished but I have stopped developing it since I’m sort of over Garry’s Mod now.

Its quite undocumented but also there is quite a bit of code there which will probably be the death of this, but none the less: here is the code.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here and I’ll do my best to answer them. Feel free to contribute in any way you want if you want.


  • MySQL database (dump is in the repo)
  • Either: My admin mod or an admin mod with appropriate function replacements.
  • Pimpmyride (Redundant by theres a require somewhere for it)
  • TDM Cars SVN

Map: rp_evocity_v33x
The co-ordinates for everything (NPCs, vehicle spawns, etc) are hardcoded for this map.

A link to all the models, materials and sounds can be found here: https://bitbucket.org/GamerGambit/evolved-role-play/downloads/content.7z

God fuckin damnit you beat me to the punch

RIP Circuitbawx, he had a good run.

Too bad PERP is dead because of HZ claiming that they own it :<

What punch D:?

I stopped following everything ages ago. I’m not trying to claim that my gamemode is better than anything at all and it does have a very PERP-like feel to it.

Anybody got it up? Is it… good?

Unfortunately I dont have it running and its possible that it could be quite broken. Ill put it up real quick on a local server and test it and patch anything thats broken.

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You will need a MySQL database as well :l

What’s the table layout?

The repo has the SQL dump.

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I just tested it an it works fine. I SHOULD point out that you will also need to use either my admin mod or one with a ply:GetLevel() function which returns an int, sorry.

Where can I change the sql information around in the gamemode itself?

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Init.lua, found it!

The admin mod also contains a wrapper for databasing with MySQLOO. It has no built-in support for TMySQL but if someone wants me to add it they can add a ticket.

I’m getting module not found…?

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Pimpmyride. :confused:

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Fixed it, I am god. Testing server up.

Sorry ill fix up the post.

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Also the gamemode doesnt actually USE pimp my ride, it was left over from experimenting I guess.

Also, in the gamemode there is an error caused by using require instead of include for pimpmyride, it looks for a lua file instead of a dll when you use require.

Idk what I’m doing. :v:

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Also no button to submit a new character haha

Put the dll in lua/bin. As for the submit button, this is news to me. Ill look into it.

Could I just be missing models/materials?

Also lua/bin worked, thanks.

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Get an error for “AgeCap” <A nil value>, this could be the issue.

Missing content will break other things. The positions of player names depends on model attachments which will break if you dont have the models. Ill see about packing the content and ill provide a link when I’m done.

Also I found out why the new character stuff is broken :l Ill push the changes shortly.

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Ok I’ve patched that error and several others and uploaded the content needed.

Link can be found here. I’ll update the post.

Everything seems to be working! Adding the content to workshop and we’ll see how it goes.

Too easy. If you come across any errors please use the issue tracker on the bitbucket repository. I get emailed when someone makes an issue. Also I would advise you to make pull requests if you find issues or have any proposals for things to be added etc.

Nice release, I’ll have to take a peek :stuck_out_tongue:

Knock yourself out. Dependent libraries (MySQLOO, pimpmyride) are not included. As long as you (general you) report the bugs, I’ll push the fixes.