RP Gamemode

I need a RP gamemode that is easy to be modified.

Most likely on every other servers, the gamemode should have cars avaible.

I also would like to get into the server a way, which makes users able to purchase their Physics Gun with in-game money. (OCRP style)
Props then to be crafted or spawned, doesn’t really matter.

If anyone has a gamemode like this, I’d appreciate your help.

Try cakescript or cityscript, if your looking for not-so released gamemodes you can look in to nexus or make your own…

CityScript had all I asked, yeah, but it wasn’t quite a what I expected. I guess I’ll have to try to create one of my own which I’ll probably quit doing in few mins because of my poor skills.

You could make a nexus schema, not very hard.