RP Gamemodes, ending the progress bar crunching.

Okay first you have to excuse me if it isn’t the proper section to discuss game design theories and stuffs but i thought, that, well it’s the gamemode section, and it isn’t the release section either, sooo… What the heck.

I would like to hear your opinion guys, lets imagine for a second a roleplay game that, in appearance look and feel like a plain hl2mp gamemode, but feature many stats and skills the player can train (train by use), however the gamemode keep all those under the hood, providing you with no numeric or progression bars about them.

What would it then require so players can still feel they are progressing, but in a more subtle “gut feeling” ?

Example of stats:
-Run speed

Already done that. RP just sucks in general.

Too watered down of a genre.

How is your RP lately?

And beside a very personal opinion, anything else to add to the conversation?

Working together to-

Ive experimented with the idea allot, but in beta testing the testers want a solid reward for them to feel true attachment to there character. Great concept though, Ill keep playing with it.