rp/gm_something.. can't think of a name yet.

It be gone.

The lighting is kinda bland, and the ground looks really plain. The buildings also look quite unrealistic and blocky. Very good effort though, better than my first map.

Alright, What can i do to stop the buildings looking blocky? considering bricks are, in fact, blocks. :wink:

The ground is not done yet. It’ll look less bland with more buildings over the top. How else could i stop it from being “bland”.

The lighting is a light_env with sky_wasteland02 or something, with the appropriate light_environment. How can i make that less bland?


Change the skybox, apart from that it looks very… surreal. But add supports to the “poles” holding up the houses.

What sky would you recommend kind sir?

I presume you mean from the top of the pole to underneath the floor?

Blocky and bland. Start on a smaller map and focus on detail before you try making wide open maps like this.

How can i make this less blocky? I literally don’t understand how… Other than curved walkways.

Add in small details to the buildings. afaik columns hanging off the side of the buildings. Door and window frames.

There’s door and window frames :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh shi- i’ve textures the window frames with concrete.

You can’t see the door frames in those screenshots well.

I’ll have a try at different wall geometry, cheers.

Go play some other maps, look how the buildings are detailed.


By the way, texturing is pretty bad throughout.

ignore the “awning” thing on the front, i don’t like it so i’ll delete it.

Does that stop it from being as blocky.

yea, the textures aren’t final yet either.

Yes, perfect. You turned a block into an almost realistic structure.

Now don’t just copy the same idea from that building to the brick building, detail your brick building differently than that concrete building.

Why thank you. :slight_smile:

I know the structures are a bit wierd (too thin, nothing on the corner etc).
I’ll tweak them at a later date, off to bed in a mo.

What can i add to the brick building? I can’t think of anything that isn’t the same as what i’ve done that doesn’t look wierd.

You should vary your texture usage a bit more and actually make use of pipe, rail or frame-like textures for window frames, pillars and edges.

The platforms that the buildings rest on could use some work too, they appear to be very thing slabs of solid concrete without any kind of reinforcement. Such things would not be seen in reality.

Don’t forget decals, even though graffiti might look odd in such a rural-ish area it sill makes it look less bland.

Add some steel (or concrete) girders connecting the pillars, adding support to the platforms.

Looking nice for first map. Keep adding detail to small things. In the bigview, it will look a ton better.

Looking less blocky, better. And it’s good to see things like window frames and door frames being used, that’s always promising.

The map is blocky though. Well of course it’s blocky, it’s made of brushes! Right, but not all blocks look blocky. What makes your blocks blocky is that they look like brushes. Well they are brushes! But they shouldn’t look like it. They should look like walls, building supports, catwalks, realistic things. You can disguise brushes by adding little imperfections like an uneven brick on the corner, realistic details like roof overhangs and proper proportions, decals and overlays like dirt and grime, other distracting and immersive visuals like props and color correction, etc.

When someone says something is blocky, I take it to mean that it’s immersion-breaking. Do what you can to make the player believe that they are where they are, and not in a Hammer creation.

Decals. Lightning.

(Lightning as in “non bland white”.)

It is starting to look better.