RP = HL2.exe has stopped working...

Okay well, i love RP not DarkRP but real RP, and i found this server on Sla gaming, Novus 2 it’s called. I tried it ONCE, at my friend. And boy, that is sure a fucking great server <3
But i get this shitty problem when i try to join a RP server it goes like : Hl2.exe has stopped working…
This is happening on any RP server now, it used to be like every 30 minute. But now it’s when i join, on loading screen.
I tried :
Deleting Cache
Deleting Game
Deleting All Folders
Install RP gamemode again
And i looked everywhere on Facepunch for a answer, can anyone help me on this one?
I would appreciate it alot :slight_smile:

Stuff like that goes to Help & Support.

Could you post your system specifications? If the server is demanding like a usual, unoptimized PERP, then a slow computer will probably crash. I remember my time as Pulsar Effect admin when people would scream at me when they needed me because I kept crashing, simply due to my computer not being able to handle it. So system specs would be nice.

Yeah sorry i noticed the Help And Support after i just made the thread <.<
Anyway, it can’t be the computer since it runs every game smoothely and also every gamemode on Garry’smod. No Lagg or anything.
But RP. Ugh.

Would still be lovely to hear your system specs, as they can be a main factor.

You could try to go into Steam > Library > Right click on Garry’s Mod > Properties > Local files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache OR/AND Defragment Cache Files.
That might help out a bit.

I did try to Verify/Defrag Cache files, about 10 times i think ^^

I was getting this on my own OpenAura server. I just waited a moment and it let me randomly join. Did it happen RIGHT when you are just about to join (just after sending client info).

Yeah it happens right after im about to join.

Happens on most RP servers I know, to most people. Can be fixed simply (and wierdly) by loading a singleplayer game first and then joining the server.

You best be careful at SLA, the owner’s a bit of an asshole when you get to know him.

Start up a singleplayer game before joining, that should fix it.

Gonna try it, and i already know him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
EDIT : Does this need to be a specific singleplayer map?
Because this did not work for me ._.

Still need help guyes <.<

Start GMod -> Start New Game -> gm_construct -> Start Singleplayer -> Wait -> Press Escape -> Play Multiplayer -> Join Server

Works for me every time.