Rp hud

I will be starting up my server soon and im looking for someone to design a custom hud for me if you would be willing to do it please contact me at staplefordt@gmail.com and we can talk about a design.

Is there any payment or that’s just request ?

Srry just a request

I think he’s asking for a free favour.
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Tho’ a “designed HUD” is a biiiit too much to ask for. At Least for free.
If I were you I’ll look on the wiki, make my own and ask for help if you get any errors.
(Sorry Garry … but your wiki don’t have examples yet)

And !!remember!! to make it clientside.

Alright when the server gets goin and we are able to get some money ill ask again

Not the best at writing in lua lol

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The thing that i get most confused about is how to set the location of the box and the size

There’s really only a few things you need to know then: ScrW( ), ScrH( ) for positioning and even for uniform sizing.

For center, simply divide both by 2. For top left use 0, 0. For top right use ScrW( ), 0. For bottom left use 0, ScrH( ). And finally for bottom right use ScrW( ), ScrH( ) as arguments to SetPos( x, y )

To make something 10% high of the user screen, and 25% wide, use ScrW( ) * 0.25, ScrH( ) * 0.1

Srry but i couldnt really understsnd a thing you said right now im just thinking of having a rounded box in the top center with some text in it and keeping the original rp thing in the bottom

Honestly, if you can’t understand simple Lua code, you shouldn’t be trying to make it yourself. Hire a coder here.