RP in a Nutshell

buddy: What counts as an RP server on Gmod? I’m a noob to Gmod in general
me: a gamemode which includes abusive admins, grinders, and griefers under arbitrary set of user enforced rules
buddy: In all seriousness
me: I’m srs
me: that
me: that’s the core experience of RP
buddy: Well, what is it supposed to be like?
me: just grinders but that’s no fun to anyone
buddy: What’s a grinder?
me: someone that does mindless boring tasks to gain in game stuff
me: and the only thing you can buy are weapons
me: and the only thing you can do with weapons is kill
me: and most of the time killing is against the user enforced rules
me: and when that happens admins power trip and ban you


The current system involved in RP servers to this day is known as a Cops Vs Robbers system. The main concept of such a system is to have an economy based primarily on a criminal underground with a thin-veil of “RP” covered by other jobs such as Cooks, Doctors, and otherwise. One team which does “stand-out” is the official Enemy X, the Police.

For the most part, all gamemodes with an exception of a few custom servers go about limiting the Police to the best of their capabilities. Such things include only giving the Police two to three magazines of ammo, only giving them a handgun in order to support “realism”, and finally making it so theirs so much red-tape regarding raiding as Police that the only method to get into raids is to falsify information.
One of the most horrifying things about this system is that instead of creating some NPCs to take the job of the Police to act as an Enemy X, they instead push the role on players. These players have the possibility of facing a psychological triggers which can induce acute PTSD, depression, and anxiety over playing a fucking game. Without players as an Enemy X role though, people cannot get their ego-highs from killing underarmed enemies, and because of this, the server will cease to exist without it.

Another problem within the current RP situation is the economic factors of the gamemode and how they effect the playerbase. For example, on a few “semi-serious” or “serious rp” such as RP08/Cider derivative gamemodes, players are expected to do things like Passive Roleplay. In theory and physical manifestation, it’s impossible for this to happen. In order to have a Passive RP event, a player needs to have something which benefits every player, this usually falls back to something as monetary gain or monetary gambling. Because of this, people must do Aggressive Roleplay, such as farming contraband items, as these items are the only way to economically progress within the gamemode. In otherwords, Aggressive is Passive and Passive is Aggressive. No rights, no wrong.

Now finally we reach the rules. Rules have a problem in the majority of these gamemodes because they exist because of the faults of the gamemode. Rules for Random Death Matching, primarily exist because of the ease of purchasing weapons, and because of how the gamemode is structured around a contraband economy. One example I like to bring up is what would happen if one day the Hughes Amendment(Post-86 Ban on Machine Guns in the USA), were to be removed, it would caused thousands of dollars in investments on automatic firearms to become irrelevant within a year of re-registration of Post-86 automatics.

The way to transfer this one over to RP gamemodes is to imagine what would happen if you were to inflate the prices of firearms without resetting everyone’s inventory and money.
Lets imagine that you have a server with a permanent inventory system and the server has been up for roughly two years. It’s quiet popular! You have a good number of old timers, and everday you expect at the very least fifty new unique users to join the server. You encounter a problem with players being able to get firearms very easily, and this is causing players to break rules and cause harm to the playerbase. You decide to do something about it. You first start with the most used firearm in the server… Avtomat Kalashnikov 1947. You decide to raise the price of a shipment of AK-47s from the current standing $10,000 to $30,000. Several of your admins have voiced with you to not reset the inventories of every player, as it’ll cause a great deal of controversy and anger within the older ranks. By not doing this though, you have sealed a death warrant for new players. Older players who have tons of AK-47’s in their inventories will now be able to sell these AK-47’s back for x3 the price they purchased them. Overnight, you’ll have players selling tons of AK-47’s onto the market, and thanks to this, crash the economy of your server.

I can honestly go and on about this, but needless to say: The current system is fucked. We need something new.

Make a fucking DarkRP server or your own RP gamemode right now. We need you.

What if you incorporate a stock system into the server? Basically, the “company” for each job (gundealer, black market, etc) has a value that is determined by the amount of income that all of the players who have played as that job daily/weekly(and maybe a random value). Then people can buy stock in certain jobs or “companies” and speculate on the value the next day/week. People will either play the short game buying stock daily and selling it quickly for small profits, or play te long game by buying stock in inactive periods and holding on to it for a substantial increase in value.(the risk obviously being the job isn’t as popular as you thought, or randomly generated “crashes” and “booms” for certain jobs) This is just one idea, but I think you are right that basing the entire gamemode around guns and criminal activity is assinine and conducive to rulebreakers. They need to add more stuff to do, and things like this stock system increase a players connection to the server IMO

edit: you could even take it a step further by allowing players to start their own companies for a fee. They could then run their own gundealer franchize or whatever and when the value of their company is higher, so is the wage that their employees are paid. I think it would be an interesting twist on the tired out “MONEY PRINTER WEED PLANTS GUNS” economy of darkrp It would allow for more actual roleplay in the stock market as good players would have a higher valued company, and in-game industrial spying/sabatoge would be epic

Exactly this, everybody bitches about the shitty state of RP in gmod and yet nobody is doing anything about it
make a gamemode that’s actually fun to roleplay in without arbitrary bullshit restrictions and without any of that ‘/me performs action’ autism and i might actually consider playing on RP servers instead of just minging them into the ground

One server where I actually saw some form of capitalism in play, was Fearless. They had this Fish Market in which their was no forced price on how much fish costed, and it was up to the players to fuck around and diddle with it to get the price of whatever they wanted. At first the price started by the understanding of something called the Contra Rule, which defined that any item without a setprice must revert back to the item used to harvest the first item, and then dividing the price of that item by four. This caused fish to cost roughly $500, and made them more profitable than actually contrafarming, so a bunch of players picked this up over gatting each other. It ended up forming five massive trading guilds in the server, and a lot of trades and passive RP came of it. IIRC from the numbers taken, during the “Golden Age” of Fishing, the current ban rate for things like RDM and Raiding went down by 80%.
This whole thing was never meant to last though… Eventually someone found a glitch within the code that allowed them to AFK Fish, and people over-stocked the fish market, causing the price of fish to crash from $550 to $25 over night.
A very, very long period of civil strife came out of that. That whole period forged a lot of my over-the-top opinions regarding things like RDM and the like. Once you step the line and start dealing with people who openly torture players with botnets, use rules to blackmail players into doing things like cybering, and bribing out admins… You tend to just let any sense of right and wrong go out the window.

I do not have any problem with players getting involved in the economic systems, but for the moment, dealing with how most servers have contraband built into the entire structure of the gamemode, you’d probably be better off starting from the bottom to the top.

10 hours worth of downloads only to get in and be banned for “noob”.

Facepunch in a nutshell:


Does it really suck that bad or is this just a circlejerk that keeps cropping up?

Did you never play it

Dude, I’m sorry but…what the fuck are you talking about? Getting PTSD/Major Depression over RP’ing Cops and Robbers? Please.

This dude is kinda wacky. Just based off his comments I’ve seen

That or it’s either something triggering it, because I am seeing kids going mental over simple shit on these servers. At points breaking down into near panic over losing money printers and shit, and in the case of cops, breaking down over feeling like they are incapable of accomplishing shit. :v:

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Diagnosed with residual schizophrenia through out my teen years, and have an XYY chromosone that runs through the family.
I try my best to convey my beliefs, sorry if it seems a little out there.

You obviously haven’t met the kiddies on CoD.

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not…The amount of effort put into it…

Fuck it, going with Poe’s Law.

Honestly it is over-exaggerated and most “darkrp sucks” posts bring nothing new or useful to the table. But it’s still pretty bad, but I enjoy fucking around in it sometimes.

thats why you set your gmod to only accept map downloads, cos fuck downloading all their shitty donator only playermodels and 9000 tdmcars

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why don’t you play it yourself and find out?

Tell your friend to play on a Stricly Serious Roleplay


‘/me performs action’ autism?

Well, uh. RP is not for you, please stay away from all RP servers.

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That’s very constructive and true. That’s what I always hated.

In my opinion creating a real economy based on crafting and resource gathering would actually make Passive rp (as in doing mundane, every day tasks) enjoyable, rewarding and give it a point.

The biggest problem is that people separate two things: fun and RP. Serious RP communities have some strange religious zeal:“You don’t need mechanics, activities or anything for RP! It’s RP, you imagine it all!”. So they force people into walking around, pretending to do soemthing wrothless (cough cough hl2rp). Then they make it so the only way to have fun is to join an armed faction, but at the same times they yell:“You don’t need guns for RP!”.

I would say: mix PERP with serious Nutscript. Keep the metagame, powergame, permadeath, new life rule and other stuff serious rp has. Make people have meaningful descriptions and names, make them write their actions. But have a crafting-based economy system (no forced economy! No npcs selling anything, only players!), things for people to do, more social aspects.
Then it would be fun and very popular, even though it’s not “traditional gmod rp”.