RP Ineu Valley

Finally, something I did by myself that looks nice ^.^


Ineu Valley is a massive outdoor RP map, perfect for survival RP. I also found it to be excellent for building and posing with excellent, vast scenery.

Notable Features

-Lake Cabin
-Two Towns
-Ruined Church
-Factory Warehouse
-Direlect Police Department
-Gas Station
-Nuclear Shelter Bunker
-Combine Outpost
-Sleeping Campfires (use E to activate them)
-Weather Control Room


-Half-Life 2: Episode 2
-Counter-Strike: Source

Workshop Link
Mediafire Link








TopHattWaffle - Textures
KOMAOCK - Skybox Texture
Unknown Artist - Foliage Pack
Catalyst-Gaming.net Community - Awesome Suggestions

Looks great, checking it out now.

The lighting don’t agree with them trees

There’s a couple fullbright bushes inside of one of the buildings that is outside.

I really like this map, it’s huge! Good job.


Only thing that really upset me is that the factory/warehouse had an empty upper part.

Man this is great, nice work

I love that map, if it only had more builidings to hold 32 players on my server for all the freakin time then I would switch to this map.

Its got tons of places and should easily house 32 players. There’s 6 full sized houses, 1 full sized lake cabin, the inn has 8 large rooms, there’s a gas station, a huge factory warehouse, a trailer home in the junkyard, an underground cellar, the villa with 4 small rooms, and a mid sized bunker. Theres a total of 24 places a single person can own (granted some are much larger then others and should be able to house multiple people)

What game mode are you running? If all else fails, make makeshift camps in the woods. On the server I play on, my character lives on the villa mountain by a campfire deep in the woods.

Good job. even better than the last one!