RP is killing the true, classic fun of gmod

Everybody is forgetting the point of gmod, THE POINT OF IT WAS FREEDOM TO DO ANYTHING! NOT JUST TO ROLE PLAY LIFE. The point was to escape life, build a creation that is most likely physically impossible to make in real life. Make situations that rarely or cannot happen in real life. The joy of seeing your creation work, THAT’S the real fun of gmod. Not this overrated RP bullshit :frown: . We should stand up and get rid of all RP servers, even if it takes hacking the rp servers or possibly gmod itself. (NOT RECOMMENDING THIS, JUST SAYINGS ITS A POSSIBILITY.)

EDIT: Ok seriously people aren’t getting my fucking point. Everyone is flocking over to Roleplay, leaving the builders with nobody to play with. I am saying the old fun of gmod has gone missing and i sorta wanted to help bring it back.


That was just your 666th post -.-

Because RP servers are somehow stopping you from doing that riiiiiiiiight?

I lost about 400 of my posts a while back. I got my real 666th post sometime last year.

RP is part of that freedom to do anything.

Besides, even though it may not be fun it’s not like you’re working an office job. Metro Cop and Drug Lord are not titles I have in real life.

If you don’t like rp, don’t join any rp servers. Simple as that.

“I want true creative freedom in GMod so I want to stop people from freely doing what they want”


I might be able to help if you give me time to create a GUI interface in Visual Basic. I could track Garry’s IP and then backtrace it to the whole server box, cutting off whatever servers I like.

PM me and we’ll talk money

Clearly all the RP servers that are out there are magically damaging the non-rp servers. We need to remove them immediately.

Shut up, join a different server, and get over yourself. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it should be abolished, especially when it’s not harming you in any way.

I seriously hope you’re kidding, buddy. Infact, I know you are. You wouldn’t do that to good ol’ RPM. D:

Anyways, if you have a problem with roleplay servers, don’t join them. Some use Gmod for RP (like me.), others use it to build stuff. It’s personal preference, and that’s all there is to it.

Edit: I made an account just to say that to you, by the way, Lewy. :l

Maybe join a really open RP, not an opressive one.

GMod’s changed. It used to just be Sandbox, but now it has a whole slew of gamemodes you can choose. That’s the beauty of it. Don’t make this game lose the variety that it’s become so accustomed to.

Most RP servers are killing the true, classic fun of RP.

Maybe it’s the fact that building has stagnated to the point it is more tiresome than RP? I mean, face it, with the advent of Lua the “building block sim” conception of GMod is really not all that appealing, specially since you can do much, much more things with it than just build.

And if people are truly free to do anything, why can’t they RP? The contradiction is something to be expected from someone that pretends to hack all GMod RP servers, but it’s an important question. What gives you the right to say how GMod should be played?

Someone criticizing something they don’t understand? THAT’S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.

Though, this is the first argument I’ve heard of, “RP ruins NonRP”, as opposed to, “____ RP is ruining RP in general”.
Perhaps he has a point, like how the invention of the bicycle completely ruined walking, amirite?

What kind of roleplay have you been playing? Have you ever heard of roleplay with a theme or setting?

Actually this game does offer better roleplaying opportunities than any other game I’ve tried.

Nobody’s forcing you to play RP.

If you don’t like RP don’t play it. As stated above, nobody’s forcing you to.