RP Job Problem

Some of the models for the custom jobs are showing up as errors.
I’m pretty sure I have all the file paths correct. For all the male models, I tried models/player/group01/male_whatever.mdl. This didn’t work, so I tried group02. That didn’t work either. Also for the hostages I used models/player/hostage/hostage_whatever.mdl. Still nothing. Also whenever I have a custom job, the name doesn’t show up when I hit tab, and neither does the job. It’s blank. I pasted the contents of the shared.lua here.

TEAM_fbi = AddExtraTeam(“FBI Agent”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/barney.mdl”, [[You are an FBI Agent. You catch only the most dangerous criminals, and hunt down the local Mafia.
Thanks to the RICO act, you may occasionally break NLR.
]], {“arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”, “weapon_fiveseven”, “stunstick”, “door_ram”, “weaponchecker”, “item_ammo_pistol”}, “fbi”, 2, 70, 0, true)
TEAM_sp = AddExtraTeam(“Street Performer”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/hostage/hostage_1.mdl”, [[Think of creative ways to entertain people on the street.
]], {}, “sp”, 3, 45, 0, false) TEAM_d = AddExtraTeam(“Street Detective”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/odessa.mdl”, [[You are a detective. You detect. Find clues to catch the crooks.
]], {“arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”, “weapon_fiveseven”, “weaponchecker”}, “d”, 1, 55, 0, true) TEAM_csi = AddExtraTeam(“CSI”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/hostage/hostage_3.mdl”, [[Crime Scene Investigator. Your job includes finding
hard to get criminals, analyzing data,
and saying cool one liners, before puting on even cooler sunglasses.
]], {“arrest_stick”, “unarrest_stick”, “weapon_fiveseven”}, “csi”, 1, 55, 0, true) TEAM_sh = AddExtraTeam(“Reptile Handler”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/group02/male_8.mdl”, [[Handle reptiles. Not much else to say.
]], {}, “sh”, 5, 55, 0, false) TEAM_cb = AddExtraTeam(“Crackbone”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/hostage/hostage_2.mdl”, [[You got them braindawgs.]], {“weapon_ak47”}, “cb”, 1, 55, 0, true) TEAM_fm = AddExtraTeam(“Filmmaker”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/hostage/hostage_4.mdl”, [[Make brilliant films, like Mean Jean, Goodfellas,
or the Gman Squad. Or mess around with a camera. ]], {}, “fm”, 6, 55, 0, false) TEAM_br = AddExtraTeam(“Beefroast”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/group02/male_4.mdl”, [[A faggot.]], {“bugbait”}, “br”, 1, 80, 0, false) TEAM_st = AddExtraTeam(“Stev”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/hostage/hostage_3.mdl”, [[You are really really cool. You know how to hunt zombies,
and you are friends with Eagle Eye.]], {“stunstick”}, “st”, 1, 80, 2, false) TEAM_ee = AddExtraTeam(“Eagle Eye”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/swat.mdl”, [[You are a Legendary Super Hero. (Super Powers coming soon.)]], {“weapon_mp5”, “weapon_awp”}, “ee”, 1, 80, 0, true) TEAM_mj = AddExtraTeam(“Mean Jean”, Color(255,255,255,255), “models/player/group02/male_11.mdl”, [[You are a hitman. You have no problem traveling
large distances to kill your target. You are mean. ]], {“weapon_fiveseven”, “weapon_scout”}, “mj”, 1, 80, 0, true)

That will be IMPOSSIBLE to debug unless you do Lua tags.

Put LUA Tags and we will help you.

First of all im not sure if the hostage models work in gmod( NOT SURE!!!)
and second of all its “models/player/group02/male_02.mdl” not “male_2.mdl”
Hope this Helps ;3

Use lua tags. [ lua] [/lua] )