RP - Let's do it right.

I have now actually set up a server, if you are intersted, check it out here:

Alright. Let me tell you real quick what this is all about.

I recently started playing Garry’s Mod again. Today, I played on an RP server, and I realized that it actually could be fun. Not on this server though. Ridiculous amounts of propblocking, RDM, etc. Admins only cared if it was done to them. Some of you might be able to guess what server I was playing on.

This is not what I am here for though.

I want to do it better.
I want too setup an RP server, and I’m looking for people to join me, as admins, or players.
I am looking to be better at what most servers lack. Proper rules, but not too restricting, active admins that actually help everyone.
Since I am looking to make a server that’s actually good, I am looking for input.
What do you guys suggest for the map? What jobs are definitely necessary, what jobs I should definitely leave out.

I have a proper server machine, I know how to set it up, and I can adjust addons if it is needed.

Any input is welcome and anyone wanting to help is free to add me on steam.

How to do RP right: don’t play RP

Well, when the goal is to play RP, not playing RP is not the best plan.

Well the issue with Roleplay generally isn’t the scripts. It’s usually the age and maturity of its players.

Indeed. Any script, even DarkRP, can work with good players. Until you change the players, no script will help. Sadly, the players won’t change.

How to RP right:

  1. Find a script you like. Tiramisu, DarkRP, OpenAura, whatever.
  2. Make the server and set it up. Protect it, allow entry based on steamID. Password protect it for double security.
  3. Create a website. Protect that too. Put the server password on the website, and authorize users to the site as you see fit.
  4. Now you’ve got double authentication. If you want a player to play you add their steamID to the whitelist.
  5. Most important step. Keep it small and mature. Get rid of people liberally and whenever needed.

All of this can be done for free thanks to the wonderful man over at ElpisHost.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a good RP server.

out of curiosity, what would be the point of password protection if you are doing it by steamid too?

Might as well play by yourself then, lol.

I do believe in liberally removing players from the server though. My admins will be advised to ban/kick anyone not actually RP’ing

Guys, I’ve got an idea, Lets Role-play. But hey, i am not finished yet, lets role-play like we never role-played before, We don’t role-play at all.

What you’re thinking of, OP, is the utopia of RP servers: it’s perfect and in it everyone is happy and cooperative, but it doesn’t exist and is impossible to create.
The closest thing you’ll get was already mentioned: keep your whitelist really exclusive and play with a dedicated group of guys that all want a good RP experience like you. Good roleplay exists, but not exceptional roleplay like you want. It’s easier to just settle.

I never said I was expecting perfection. I just think that it’s possible to do a lot better than most RP servers are doing. And I think that’s possible even with an open server, if you have a good setup and dedicated admins.

Which isn’t an issue that can be resolved on Garry’s Mod unfortunately. Although I’m curious about how successful a server that forces an age limit could be.

I don’t honestly feel it’s the players so much, but rather the environment. Think about it.
How many servers/gamemodes have you played on which have one item which makes money? How many times has this item been illegal?
The fact this item is illegal leads players to break rules, attack other players, and act with a very aggressive/fearful attitude. With guns being as cheap and easy to get as they are in most gamemodes it’s no wonder why players act irrationally.

Players act irrational because most of them are immature or just want to shoot stuff

But most gamemodes compliment this and encourage them to do criminal activities.

“Illegal” and “again the rules” isn’t the same thing. If people insist they have to steal moneyprinters they should become thieves. If they want to print money they have to live with the fact that they can get arrested for it. You just need admins to enforce these rules.

And I agree about the weapons. I think that guns should be very expensive and gun dealers should be arrested for selling guns to people without gun licenses. Those licenses should also be expensive.

The only way to make money is illegal. The rest of the things like gundealer, chef, and medic are just around as ‘support’ economies which sell items to feed, fix up, and arm up the contrafarmers.
You can’t artificially script guns to be harder to get because it’ll create a server hierarchy where people who can afford firearms have them, and those who don’t are getting raided or being recruited into illegal/rule breaking activities.

That’s something that can already be done, but it just doesn’t happen, since the police would just get shot for it, or the dealer would be out after a minute.

I see your point now. DarkRP does pretty much evolve just around moneyprinters. A server without them sound interesting. That would probably keep all the little kids off too. “OMGZ I CANT HAZ TEH PRINTUR FUCK THIZZ!!!”

For me it’s a game of patience right now… GMod 13 just might bring the minds we need to bring the RP Community back to it’s former glory.

Don’t add players as admin just because they act smart on the first day.