RP Levels System Request

Hey guys.

I am making an RP server, and I need someone to make levels for me. I have no experience with LUA and I do not want to read 100 pages of tutorials on this that give me no information at all on how to solve this problem. I just want a level system, I also need to know how to add experience on time passing, picking up weapons, taking drugs/alchohol, and stealing/using money printers. Thanks for your help.

So, you’re making something, but don’t know shit about doing so.
Cool, let people do stuff for you, great idea.
If you weren’t so selfish you could just go to http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=Main_Page and learn yourself some Lua.

This is the REQUEST section, why do you post if you are just going to insult him and tell him to do it himself…

Its not a good request, I mean he’s like “Hello make me that and thats it”

Well, you could ask for something in return instead of being a jackass.

the OP sounds like your trying to encourage people to do crimes.
just a thought :ghost:

lol wut?

You mean the transfer of ingame money for real money?

Um, no.

Search the request’s / Newbie section. I’m sure I found a topic similar to this before. At least there’s one where you get so much xp so many minutes. Just look around or try going to http://google.com and searching

Xp Gain Facepunch

XP Gain is the topic / post and Facepunch is the site. Good luck, and look more carefully next time.


And for those who actually know how to use Google you would use the following search to search ONLY facepunch.com

site:facepunch.com XP Gain

True sorry, I meant umm TAGS. Yeah, tags :stuck_out_tongue: