Rp map i cant find anymore.

I cant find this one RP map i used to play in Gmod9 (I have gmod10) i have been looking allover Garrysmod.org, Google, and basically everywhere. It was a map where you spawned near a gas station i think and across from you was a apartment building and next to it was a button to block the bridge. On the right there was a bridge that took you to a poorly built prison with buttons inside and a 2 blast doors. Keep going down that road and take a left it takes you to a junkyard with a crane. Keep going and take another left it takes you to a garage. Then keep going still and it takes you to 4 or 5 houses. and a little fire with a broken car. Thats all i remember about it.

Got any pictures of the map or is that all you have for it?

Shouldn’t this be in requests?

I have a poorly drawn picture that looks like a fourth grader made this. ugh. here The triangle is the spawn

Hmm reminds me of something but no idea what.


A friend say’s that the maps name may be ‘Rp_Cargtown’

thats it! Thanks!

Wow used to love cargtown back in gmod9 used to all ways buy the janitors room in the appartment and turn all the lights of and make everyone pay me for light.

yep cargtown. Back when rp was good…
Here you are:

I loved the hidden room under the bridge, no one knew about it.