Rp Map Unnamed

Hey there facepuncher

I am making a map with my pal and i want to know what to improve/optimise in it!
So if you would like to give me some constructive critisism please leave a reply!

Its picture time! Ignore the black outline its hammer shots!


The gas station and the warehouse!



The gas station outside!


inside the gas station no doors so far!


**The warehouse from outside!

I will get some more up tommorow…

Get In Game screens please.

Sorry had some trouble with the img tags it works now

No point in showing screens unless they are from within the game.

It’s a good start, but it lacks a lot of content and there’s no fine details.

Also, as people have said, get in game screenies.

I’ve got to agree with this. It’s a great start. And… Do you know where you’re going with it? Like what the city should look like once completed?

I dont really have anything planned for it its mostly to get better mapping!

Try to make a 3D skybox for it.

Great idea i will post some ingame shots later today

Compiled in-game pics or GTFO, man. I’d really like to see this with lighting. It looks really nice in Hammer, and that’s always a good sign.

Perhaps you should view pictures of real gas stations, warehouses, and towns/cities themselves. This all looks very unrealistic, repetitive, blocky, etc. Based off the screenshots it doesn’t appear that you have that much knowledge of hammer so instead of wasting your time creating a RP map that is just a clusterfuck of ugly buildings, you should devote your time into studying architecture and creating one building that looks nice. From there you can start studying layouts and proportions so you can eventually create an RP map that looks realistic.

Ok im uploading the images now! And thanks!


It only resized some








Well i can see why you wanted ingame shots!

Some of it isn’t half bad, I quite like the warefouse, your best building in my opinion.
You need to work on getting forms and shapes right first. Your houses have weird rooves with no guttering, or overhang, features that almost all real houses have. and the window have no frames in the petrol station.
Some of your texture work isn’t bad, but in other areas, such as those house rooves (god, I must hate them houses, eh?) and the tunnel/bridge looks like its gotsome wierd metal texture in the middle.

Keep it up though, you’ve got some real potential.

Edit: Also, your brushes, the blocks you’re building the map with seem oversized in places, don’t forget to lower the gridsize on hammer when doing details such as curbs, ramps, window frames etc.

Sort out your sidewalks. Use the pathway texture; concretefloor028c.

Thanks! And yearh… the houses are actually yhe main reason i did this because i hate them too! And youre right about the gutter!

Like I said, unless you take the time to learn the fundamentals of architecture, you’re just going to end up with a clusterfuck of ugly buildings, like how it looks now.

I really like the gas station.

What is this? I mean not to be rude, but is everyone on some drug that makes them think complete crap is good?

How can anyone in their right mind even consider his gas station to be good? Because it has vertex-manipulate blocks? For Christ sakes, there’s random shelves in the Gas station that aren’t even real shelves, there’s also a horribly made desk that doesn’t come close to resembling what a real desk looks like. I mean hell, there’s also a random oddly shaped trash can inside. My point is, it’s really sad that people seem to be stupid enough to appreciate and applaud this sort of shitty mapping. The more everyone says that a shitty map is good, the more shitty maps will be made. Once everyone realizes that they need to constructively criticize work that looks like shit, will we start seeing good maps be produced. Back on topic though, I think it’s absolutely retarded for anyone to say that this map is good. I can’t stress it enough how horrible I think this map is. I’m not trying to discourage the mapper, I want the mapper to scrap this piece of shit and start from basics so he can learn how to make buildings that aren’t fucking rectangles with triangles on top, I mean are you fucking kidding?



For comparisons sakes, what chill_dude has created isn’t a fucking gas station.