RP map VMF Available!! :D

Hello everyone, I need to share this monumental project with the community of mappers, It is unfortunate to say that I have lost motivation to continue it, and Would love to see it finished by you guys. Please state what part you are working on, to Improve the map, so you don’t mistakenly work on the same part of the map or somebody’s territory LOL


Map currently needs:
-Optimization ( func_areaportals names & organization, func_areaportalwindows, model view distances, ocean skybox, nodraw)
-Architecture (Interior rooms, interior shops, details and underground )
(please keep the map size similar to downtown_v2, because who knows, but some day this map might be uptown_v2 )

p.s. I have worked many hours towards the layout (which I believe is pretty much done, as it is the most import architecture feature of the map, where everyone comes together to share a good time. (focal point is the 3 street intersection) I Don’t claim the map mine, as I used prefabs from fpsbanana & hl2, although I did put easily more than 100 hours of work into it
ATIX -map producer, architect

fpsbanana -map architecture, prefabs
half-life2 -map architecture, prefabs




Please read.

I could work on optimizing for sure. I have a lot of time on my hands.

Excellent! I will add you to the list, thanks for the reply. If you know anyone else please direct them to this thread.

I can do interiors, I have 1000+ props meant directly for interiors.

Not too mention about 500+ textures.

If you ask me, you’ve done the hardest part already the exterior. I feel that for my map the interiors look 10x nicer. But good luck to whoever finishes this. I REALLY REALLY love the apartments from the second building. Really well done.

Woah! Can we see some pics? I would love to see what they’re like?

Great, I will add you to the list as well, although I am not sure if using too many custom models would be a good idea, as it would make the map size to big to download, but never the less custom content is essential

True, was just thinking about that.

The map is open for expansion, I do believe the main goal of this map is to compete with downtown v2 (map size)
-Let me know If you ever want to participate, you could always donate content :stuck_out_tongue:

I could also work on some of the environment (lighting, effects, ect…) if it needs it. If you ask me the lighting in the pictures looks a bit bland.

I will be contacting you guys on the forum through Private Message, if anyone else is interested in helping out with the map please post in this thread,

p.s. I don’t want to this thread to die off like the rest in just a few days, as they get pushed back to page 2 or 3, since we need enough people interested in working on the project completion.

The lightning might just need a 90 degree angle change, but i already experimented with the lightning a lot. The screenshots have about a 700 brightness and it uses militia skybox and lightning environment values.

I could work on interiours,buildings,archutexture etc …

I can add custom textures/Models if you wish?

(And sound enviroments)

Id love to try my hand at doing something with it, although I’d totally change the style of it. Id probably end up making it HL2-themed instead of a real life setting. Id actually find it kind of fun to take a normal city block and then tear into it the way the Combine would, and convert certain areas to checkpoints and so forth.

Surely it wouldnt hurt to have a HL2-themed “alternative” version release?

Well I dont have much to contribute, but could I have the vmf for educational reasons, I really want to look at the brushwork and design. Im a mapping noob so I just want to learn how to be like the masters.

I understand, but the main priority right now is getting this main layout and theme finished, once it’s done I don’t mind playing other variational remixes, but for now lets focus on the current real world theme (:

additional people on the list:
hawx -Interiors / architecture
Fata - custom textures/ Models / sound environments

**(Come on people sign up to the list! We also need responsible leaders) **
Also letting you know that it is currently using stock css and hl2 textures.

Can you pm me the Vmf and il get to work :smug:

Same, send me the vmf please :D.

Sorry, this is late, but here is a screenshot of the inside of a bar I’m workin on and off on.

(Plays music!)

That looks nice!