[RP] MDM or RDM rules?

Mass Death Match or Random Death Match?
This has been something which I’ve discussed quiet frequently on RP servers with the Microphone/Radio Addon, and I was wondering what Facepunch would think of it.

I personally believe that it’s impossible to enforce rules regarding “Random Death Match” because of how vague it is. Killing one user[or even two users] is something which happens completely within RP. Killing someone “randomly” is generally impossible because most of the time, users have a reason for doing these things! Be it gameplay mechanics, getting upset or aggravated with another user in the RP, or just simply because someone was going to announce something else you are doing to the Police Force inside of the RP… It will always have a reason.
So this got me thinking, if RDM isn’t the best thing we can have, and users generally have reasons for doing things… What other rule could be used? Well, I’d suggest Mass Death Match or **MDM.

How does MDM work?
**Ever seen a person go into a DarkRP server, buy some AK-47s and just go around shooting every person they see, and only stop when an admin bans them for something like, “RDM x10”. This is what I see as MDM. People going around and doing a mass-shooting and just killing everything that moves.
The good thing about MDM though[unlike RDM] is that it’s enforceable in a good/bad way.
If you are raiding someone, and kill their entire group. MDM is fine.
If you are just going through the streets killing people to make a video about, “LEELELELELELE JACKASS 5600 KILLS EVERYONE :DDD” then it’s bad.

MDM would be enforceable in such a way where doing stuff like raiding, robbing, or shooting up a Police Department for arresting you, wouldn’t get you banned for doing something ~random~ and instead would be left to RP. Likewise just shooting an admin’s buddy wouldn’t get you banned, but instead be left to the Police Department or courts inside of RP.

This is why I believe MDM is the way forward for RP server which continue to use rules. Killing more then five people in a mass-shooting should be the defined limit for what is considered “Mass Death Match” and anymore kills after that point would increase the punishment on the user who commits that.
If anyone else has concepts for changing the RDM or MDM rule, please post!

In most cases you’ll still have kids that call RDM and/or otherwise get pissy and/or leave.

Kids call RDM for people arresting them or simply touching them.
It’s sorta the middle rule for, “They did something bad to me ; _ ;”

Techically, it’s still RDM. But I guess lazy people could write MDM?

It’s not though.
RDM allows users to be banned for killing one player, and doesn’t difference between good DM[raids/robberies/shooting place of interest], and bad DM[recording MASS DEATHMATCH VIDYA].
MDM changes this. Users would instead be dealing with the Police for killing one to two people, and therefore, most cases where the need supposedly for “admin intervention” would be dropped significantly. As you can imagine this is preferable as it allows better gameplay, and doesn’t create grayareas that make it easy to ban people for no reason.

RDM can be defined multiple ways, I don’t see it as you randomly killed/damaged 1 guy. People that kill 10 others, are still under the category RDM, as they did randomly damage/kill others.

RDM (to me) is when someone randomly walks up to another guy and starts lolmurdering him.

If he just hurts the guy (i.e., doesn’t kill him) I refer to it as lol(weapon), like lolpunch lolknife or lolnuke

I believe both the RDM and this ‘MDM’ are concept flawed due to being extremely open for interpretation.
You shouldn’t try to out-rule something which depend so purely on human perspective, especially not in the average GMod roleplay game where the ability to fairly and accurately assess a situation after it occurred is nearly impossible. This due to the sheer speed of the game-play itself and the lack of a proper backlog describing past events. Not to mention that conflicts related to the ‘randomness’ of a kill often occur because one party involved wasn’t aware or involved in the roleplaying of another, which doesn’t happen in text based roleplaying games where every party involved is aware of the current situation and can unanimously decide whether a rule was broken or not.

The concept of roleplay is flawed. RDM is in short one mans excuse for another mans faster thinking. People do get killed randomly in the world. If your a random yob on the street and you have a gun an officer of the law in 99.9% of countries is gunna shoot you. If you let them shoot you then whats your problem.

I understand that, but the idea is to make everything fair to the other players and keep minges away. If we allowed RDM because “people randomly die in real life all the time” every 10 year old retard is going to jump on the server, get a gun and start lolshooting everyone who’s trying to craft a serious story for them and their character.

It’s more of an anti-minge tool than anything else.

Yet it creates minges.
People abuse RDM because of how the whole, “If you shoot me it’s RDM” snitch. Honestly, one or two kills is something that should be left to the Police or another player in RP servers.

do people who commit mass murders in real life have a true reason?

you need to make an ingame method of handling people that gun down tons of others, such as increased jailtime, nobody has ever considered increasing it based on crime, ect yet there is such a variety of crimes

MDM doesn’t sound like a bad replacement for RDM. The only issue I can see is getting it intergrated in most of the rp servers.

Trust me. If you even someone misclicks they will just shout “HE’S TRYING TO RDM ME, BAN HIM!!”
they think anything to involve them is RDM.

The problem is that we can’t account for exceptions we make in the rp world versus real life. For instance, if you commit a mass murdering spree in real life you’ll probably be gunned down or arrested by police and that’s it, unfortunately we can’t do that in rp because people have to respawn or be let out of jail eventually else it wouldn’t be fair. So unless they get banned or something by an admin, they can just come back and do it again.

Even if you make it so that guns are difficult to acquire, that means that people who are not nesscessary ‘good’ players but just play more are going to have exclusive access to weapons and other people won’t be able to defend themselves or do anything. This isn’t a problem in real life btw.

can’t you add a script for police to use LTL guns, or he can be revived by an EMS type person and then arrested?

Yea the idea I had was to make it so that you have to look at a target for a certain amount of time before you can shoot them, and have it so players are ‘knocked out’ and turned into a ragdoll instead of being immediately killed.

The solution I was thinking to incorporate in the rp gamemode I’ve been working on was to make it so that there’s class distinctions in the gameplay. If you were a police officer, for example, you wouldn’t be able to attack other police officers but you would be able to arrest or attack other players who have a weapon or have recently committed a crime (you wouldn’t know if either of things were true unless you had seen it) and if you tried to attack anyone else you would be penalized. If you weren’t a police officer you could attack police or targets that you’ve ‘marked’ (by looking at them for a period of time) or anyone who has committed a crime or has a weapon just like yourself. While police can be killed by anyone, they also don’t have to obey the New Life Rule and can infinitely spawn on top of the person who killed them, and the location of that person would be marked as they would be ‘wanted’. The only way to get out of the wanted state is to get far enough away from the original place you killed someone at and not have any police able to see you.

You could also make the guns similar to the ones in Red Orchestra.
Hip shooting isn’t very accurate, but can still be “done”. Shooting with ironsights requires you to stay still to a certain degree, and if you try to move it’ll shuffle your aim or bring the ironsights down.
This ideally would cut down people running and gunning.

Also for the Police, less-than-lethal alternatives such as Tasers, Taser Shotguns, and Teargas could be employed to take care of hostile threats without the need for lethal means.

One huge issue that also arises regarding the whole massive deathmatching issue, is namely the ease of getting weapons, and lack of things outside of crime and shooting other players, to do. I still believe that a DarkRP server which is hybrided with GMStranded would do well. It would create an actual economy that would overtime create a non-infinite marketplace for resources and tools, and users would have several avenues and routes for things to do.

The problem with that is, there’s nothing to do beside printer farming and sniping cops off roof tops, server owners never provide passive options for players because they know players don’t want to roleplay, they just want to have fuck loads of guns and money.

rdm in general is a stupid rule. people get killed randomly in real life, if the server was structured properly there should be a reason people want to avoid killing people, the most common way is making people work/take a lot of time to get their weapons.

unfortunately most darkrp servers and rp servers in general have nothing that makes people not want to kill everyone, so that’s why it happens. lol