rp more tools and prop limit

Can someone write me a quick and simple code that makes it so that VIP people get a higher prop limit and more tools to use.

im using ULX

Yeah im looking for something like this aswell.

needs to find that to

Noone will buy VIP just to use more tools on your server. They’ll just leave for another server that wasn’t made by someone that greedy.

Noone will buy VIP on a server manged by a 12 years old anyway.


RetTurtl3 posted a code about the different prop limits for certain ranks.

calling me 12 years old? coming from another 12 year old? lol

im atleast not the one who created 3 facepunch accounts because the old accounts was hated.

Oh. I forgot to mention that you are telling people to “Leave facepunch” and “GO DIE”?. Here is an interesting fact:

You have done it 2 times.

And i almost forgot


You have been annoying me since your first account.